SHUTR Electric Sliding Dampers for Rekri

Rekri is a long time, professional manufacturer of wooden window frames and doors. Based in Mijdrecht in The Netherlands Rekri uses durable wood for it's production and state of the art machinery to produce custom products.


Rekri prouds itself for the fact that they build long lasting relationships with their customers, mostly contractors. The basis of this success is build on Rekri's craftmenship and high quality custom made products. Recently Rekri invested in an automated spraying facility to apply a layer of paint onto their product if needed.

With a variety of processing machines such as planers, table saws, CNC controlled routers and more, dust extraction is important to minimize health risks for the workers. As many machines still had manual sliding dampers the next step was to upgrade the dust extraction system with SHUTR automated, electric sliding dampers. A total of 10 SHUTR sliding dampers with sensors have been installed and noticeably dust extraction at each machine improved dramatically and workers experienced a decrease in noise generated by the dust extraction.

Wireless dampers installed at machine level.



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