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Can I use the SHUTR Gate stand-alone?

Yes, you can. Power the gate with the supplied 24V DC adapter and use the manual switch, or a remote switch or potential free contact connected to the aux port to open and close the gate.

Does the slide provide an airtight seal when closed?

The stainless steel slide sits snug fit in between two POM seals that provide a very tight seal.

How does the gate handle static electricity if any?

There is no chance of static electricity built-up provided that the gate is grounded through the ducting. Additional grounding tabs allow for wiring flexible hoses with ground wires.

We have a strong dust collector, must avoid a vacuum at all times

With the Connect app you can set the number of always-open gates. The network always tracks the number of open gates as a priority.

With which brand ducting is the SHUTR Gate compatible?

Every brand ducting that uses a flat flange, with a size of 6 mm, will fit the SHUTR Gate. For example: JKF .

SHUTR Connect network

Do you need to set up a Wifi network?

No need to set up a Wifi network. SHUTR creates it's own network and you simply need to pair devices in the the Connect app. That's all.

How many devices does the network support?

The SHUTR Connect network supports 60 devices per controller. You can have multiple controllers per site.

What is the operating range (distance) for the wireless network?

In open space the operating range is 50-100 meters. Each SHUTR component has a small antenna inside it's electronics housing. If the radio signal is obstructed by for instance a wall it may cause loss of signal.

Do I always need a SHUTR controller to set up the network?

Yes, you always need a controller of you want to set up the SHUTR Connect network. The controller stores all the pairing information and allows for many other functions such as software updating, config backup, advanced settings etc. However communication on the network do not go via the controller. All components act independent.

Could a hacker break into the network and tamper with the system?

That will be very difficult. The system is not connected to the internet to begin with. Also we do not use IP connections but a propietary protocol with heavily encrypted communications. And for the Bluetooth connection you would need physical acces to the controller.


My dust collector does not have a magnetic switch but just an on/off switch

That means you would need to install a contactor (a high capacity relay) that powers your dust collector directly. The contactor coil is connected to the controller. More details in the controller manual.

Can I use the controller to simply turn on/off a (any) machine remotely?

Yes, absolutely. Although the controller was developed with the Connect network in mind, you can use it also to simply operate a machine remotely.

What happens if, for some reason, the controller fails?

Even though the controller fails the other components in the network will continue to operate. There is no single point of failure.

Can you easily replace the controller?

Yes, you can. When you have made a backup of the config via the Connect app, you can restore this to a new controller if needed.

How do I upload new software to the SHUTR components?

The SHUTR Connect app first downloads new software from Blastgate's portal and uploads this to the controller. Then , offline, you can initiate a software update from the controller to selected components. The components will continue to work except for a quick reset and calibration after the new firmware is loaded.


Does the sensor need an electrical connection to the processing machine?

No, that is not needed. The sensor will simply be clamped onto the power cable of the machine.

I have a low power machine, will that work?

The SHUTR sensor has dual HALL sensors for increased sensitivity. A simple calibration procedure will help to obtain the best result. You can further adjust the sensitivity with the Connect app for individual sensors.

Why connect the sensor with an USB cable to the gate as it is wireless?

You can either power the sensor from the USB adapter or from a gate. To avoid having multiple adapters each using an outlet, we provide a USB receptacle on the gate to provide 5V to the sensor. The sensor remains to communicate wirelessly. The USB adapter that comes with the sensor has two ports for powering two sensors also to save outlets.

Why does the sensor have a toggle switch?

Once the sensor is paired with a gate the toggle switch on the sensor basically has the same function as the toggle switch on the gate. In many cases the gate is installed high up near the ceiling and cannot be reached. The sensor however is installed at the machine, easy to reach. The sensors cable clamp has two mounting holes so that the sensor can be screwed onto the wall.


Can you pair multiple remote's to a single controller?

Yes you can. You can pair as many remotes (max. 60...) as you want to a single controller and each remote is able turn the dust controller on/off.

Can I operate the dust collector with a remote and have the automated sliding dampers operating indepently?

Yes you can. There is a special setting in the Connect app that allows you to only switch on/off the dust collector with a remote. So the controller will not respond to active sensors or gates with respect to activating the dust controller.

I don't see my remote in the SHUTR Connect app?!

That's because the remote is normally "asleep". Wake up the remote by pressing the red button and black button at the same time. The remote will then stay awake for 30 seconds and will show up in the SHUTR Connect app immediately.

How long will the two AA batteries last in the remote?

We expect that they will last for about one year. But it very much depends on the quality of the batteries and the usage of the remote.

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