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The SHUTR Gate is a professional electric, wireless sliding damper for use in Dust Collection systems or other industrial applications. The sliding damper can be used standalone or in combination with a remote or sensor in a SHUTR Connect network. A SHUTR Controller is needed to set up a SHUTR Connect network. The Gate is available for different diameters of industry standard ducting. The body is made from galvanized steel and electronics housing from strong polycarbonate, ATEX compliant*, IP54. Comes with a 24VDC wallmount adapter (EU version). (*) Certification pending.

Inside diameter
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Build your SHUTR Connect network

Add a SHUTR Gate and Sensor to each of your woodworking machines and build a fully automatic dust collection system.

Easy install

Install cables with connector

The SHUTR Gate carries a cable entry system with a split grommet (IP54). This makes it easier to install a cable with the connector installed thereby saving installation time.

Connect a sensor to the gate

Sensor installation

The sensor is powered through an USB wallmount adaptor or it can be connected to the gate. The gate has an USB-A receptacle to provide 5VDC to the sensor. This saves an additional outlet for the adaptor. The sensor however remains to communicate wirelessly with the other components in the SHUTR Connect network.

Standalone operation

Connect an external switch to the gate

You can operate the gate standalone: use a 3.5mm jack plug to connect any type of switch (or relay, or potential free contact) to open and close the gate.